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If you manage customer communications in a regulated industry, you’ll know a small change can mean a big headache. Good news: there’s an easier way

If you handle customer communications in a heavily-regulated industry like banking, insurance, energy supply, telecommunications or debt management, you’ll know a small change can quickly give you a big headache


A slight fluctuation in interest rates or energy prices – or a legal tweak to your small print – can mean you need to write to all your customers informing them of the change. And often, you have to change dozens of customer document templates to reflect the new detail.

More importantly, you need to do this quickly, and do it right. Because if you miss a regulator’s deadline, or you get the facts wrong, you risk a fine, a financial loss, or long-lasting damage to your brand’s reputation. 


This guide is designed to show you another way. By keeping things simple, you can safely cut out a whole stage of the traditional change management process, and update mission-critical communications faster… all with less risk, and lower costs too.


In the next few pages, you’ll learn more about online document management: how it works, why it’s so efficient, and how you can use it to cut your letter’s time-to-market from weeks, to as long as it takes to post. 


We’ll also see how that can make a big difference in key regulated industries.

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