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Whether you’re in a heavily-regulated industry, or just a business that likes to move fast – sometimes you need to get customer communications out the door quickly. But if you’re still using manual document management, you might find it hard to achieve the speed you’d like without feeling like you’re compromising quality control.

A digital approach to document management can help. While this shift to digital can feel scary, there’s an easy way to make it happen.


Why Digital?


If you’re currently doing things manually, you’re no stranger to change request forms. In fact, you’re probably sick of them by now.

The main benefit of a digital approach is to say goodbye to change request forms for good. With a digital Online Document Management System (ODMS) you can stop submitting individual change requests, pinging emails with individual tweaks back and forth, and running memos between offices. Instead, you can start managing documents through a single, streamlined platform.

That saves you time, without cutting corners on getting the details right.


The need for speed


By moving away from manual document management processes to a streamlined ODMS, you and your people can design, approve, and submit documents faster than ever before through an online system. When that system is available across the business, things speed up further - allowing instant input and feedback from all departments


  • Changes can be made and shared rapidly - without the need for slow, manual change request forms.


  • There's no waiting for your outsourced print partner to understand and action your changes, fit you into their work schedule, and send you a proof.

  • You don't have to make the same change many times, across multiple document templates. You can update a master text block, and every template in your system can pull from the updated copy due to its dependencies.


So, whether you need to quickly update a price list to conform with new regulations, apply a change to rates or your marketing team wants to inform customers about a new promotion, you can do it much faster (and with much less hassle) through an ODMS.



“That sounds like a big change!”


Going digital can offer many benefits, but it’s not as simple as flicking a switch. You probably have a range of governance and quality control processes across your current systems that are an absolute must – especially if you work in a regulated industry. Porting those to a digital system isn’t necessarily easy, and in many cases it might not be possible at all.

Having to relax or drop QC processes altogether is, of course, unacceptable. Imprimus ODMS can be configured to ensure you can stick closely to your existing, rigorous quality checks and governance – so you can migrate to a digital system much more easily.

Imprimus ODMS allows you to configure a wide range of workflows so you don’t have to make big changes to your processes. You can keep many of your existing workflows, but accelerate them by moving previously manual process to a connected, streamlined platform.

So making document management easy doesn’t just depend on switching to an ODMS platform; you need to choose the right platform for you.

For instance, you might look for the capability to give multiple proof-readers and quality control staff access to your ODMS. That way, everyone can work from the same document and see updates in near real-time. So, your existing proofing and QC processes can be replicated in your new system, but can be sped up dramatically by removing the need to manually send round new corrections and document versions.

And because you’ve stripped out a stage of the process (briefing an external partner on document template changes), you’ve removed a potential source of errors – so although your process is simpler, you’ve actually reduced your risk.



Faster, reduced-risk document management is here


Imprimus ODMS can help you drastically reduce the time it takes to amend and send critical customer communications. And with a fully-configurable ODMS, it can be much easier than you think to migrate your manual processes to a faster, reduced-risk digital platform.


If you’re interested in making the shift from change request forms to a faster ODMS, but aren’t sure how to get started, we’re always happy to talk you through it. Please feel free to download our eBook ‘How to update regulated customer communications, faster’.